About UPWARD Small Groups

UPWARD Small Groups unite members in regular, in-person contact to support long-lasting relationships, provide for accountability and mentorship, and help members attain and succeed in the highest ranks of their professional fields. These meet-ups can be informal, social gatherings or they can be formally structured meetings.

UPWARD Small Groups are designed to be member-facilitated, led, and structured to ensure consistency, purpose, and personal growth. To achieve the benefits of the diversity of collaboration necessary to achieve UPWARD’s mission, a small group can represent UPWARD members from a specific field or industry, but should not be limited to a single title, role, or organization.

Leading a Small Group

Leading an UPWARD Small Group is done on a volunteer basis. The small group facilitator’s role is to ensure a supportive group that helps members build trusted relationships, share ideas, and discuss topics of interest that help everyone involved to better navigate today’s challenging business world and grow in their careers.

If you would like to facilitate a small group as part of one of our chapters, fill out the below form to get started!

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