Upward & Lisa Lambert in the News

UPWARD was founded on the premise that women need access to the same types of informal networks and mentorship that men often leverage to succeed in business. It is always a positive confirmation to see that other women agree on the benefits of networking — and that UPWARD is truly benefiting our members.


INC.: May 11, 2016 — What This Big Investor Has Learned by Funding Women and Minority Entrepreneurs
“We went with three executives because for most startups, that represents a significant part of the management team. And when you have diversity on the executive team, the employee base becomes more diverse.”

THE UNITED STATE OF WOMEN: May 9, 2016 — Advancing Women Closest to the Top
“…seven in 10 working women (70%) feel a personal obligation to help more women advance in the workplace, only one-third (33%) have learned to leverage and support other female employees.”

FINANCIAL TIMES: January 31, 2016 — Women in Business — Lisa Lambert, vice-president of Intel Capital
“Networking is the lifeblood of any profession — you really should be spending up to 50 per cent of your time meeting people, building strategic relationships and being visible in your role… I am also the founder, chief executive and chairman of UPWARD, a professional non-profit organisation focused on helping senior women executives to further their career through networking. One of the things I tell our members is to treat networking like you would any other business project. Have a clear objective in mind, do your research and follow-up.”

GLOBAL CORPORATE VENTURING: January 27, 2016 — Global Corporate Venturing Rising Stars Awards 2016: #1 Lisa Lambert
“One of the things I discovered when I started looking at this is that women in all geographies, but particularly in the US, enter the workforce in large numbers. We have more degrees than men in America and the numbers. The problem is when you get to a certain level,” said Lambert. “I formed UPWARD to help director-level women and above get to the next level and get into executive positions or CEO positions or start their own company.”

FORTUNE: November 18, 2015 — How to Overcome Challenges of a Career Change
“Your career journey shouldn’t be a solo mission. Find fellow-travelers, make yourself known, and nurture these relationships. Your next job will likely come from this community.”

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES: November 6, 2015 — Intel Capital’s Lisa Lambert: Ignoring Diverse Entrepreneurs Is ‘Just Bad Business’
“Half the world’s population are women. Women are entrepreneurs in America and all over the world. ”

HUFFINGTON POST: July 16, 2015 — Trailblazing Women: Lisa Lambert VP, Managing Director, Diversity Fund at Intel Capital
“You have to fight your own inclination to give up and not push forward, overcome your own fears and doubts! You also have to do a great job and outperform your peers. You need to believe in yourself and persevere to get what you want.”

NBC’s PRESS:HERE: June 26, 2014 — Intel Doubles Down on Diversity
Lisa Lambert’s interview with Scott McGrew (NBC), Michal Lev-Ram (Fortune), and Mark Milian (Bloomberg)

CCTV: June 12, 2015 — Intel fund to support women and minorities in technology
[Video — Interview with Lisa Lambert]

LATIN POST: June 11, 2015 — Intel Announces $125 Million Investment Fund for Minority-led Startups
“We are proud to take a leading role toward broader participation in technology entrepreneurship and employment,” said Lambert. “With this new fund, Intel Capital is committed to investing in the best talent from a myriad of backgrounds to cultivate innovations that serve the needs of a diverse public.”

FAST COMPANY: June 11, 2015 — How We Created Intel’s Capital Diversity Fund by Lisa Lambert
“Women, as noted, are already nearly half the labor force, and they graduate with college degrees at rates greater than men. Hispanics, who often lead the market in technology adoption, will account for most of the country’s future growth for the next 35 years, according to Nielsen. And the U.S. is expected to reach minority-majority status by 2043, less than two generations from now. That means the economy of tomorrow is likely to be driven by women and underrepresented minorities.”

LINKEDIN: June 10, 2015 — Will Success Erase The Stigma Of Diversity Venture Funds?
“Entrepreneurs are on the leading edge of what we are doing in our industry,” Lambert said in an interview with LinkedIn. “We are targeting minorities and women who are underfunded, but not ‘under-ideaed.’ They have lots of ideas and women are leading companies in the U.S. in large numbers as are minorities.”

WIRED: June 10, 2015 — VC Firms Aren’t Investing in Diversity. It’s a Bad Move.
“[Lisa] Lambert says that she and her team at Intel Capital identified over a hundred prospective investments — something she credits to the diversity of the company’s networks. ‘I think the idea of pattern recognition, the idea that we source through our networks is real,’ she says. ‘But if you can change the pattern a bit, you can find that you’ve got plenty of sources.’”

CNN MONEY: June 9, 2015 — Intel wants to give millions to diverse startups
“It’s not a social cause, this isn’t charity,” said Lambert. “This is real business and we believe in it.”

WALL STREET JOURNAL: June 9,, 2015 — Intel Capital Creates $125M Fund for Women-, Minority-led Startups
“Diverse leaderships have diverse workforces because our networks look like us,” Ms. Lambert said. “The problem with the venture industry is that they’re recruiting out of and investing in people within their networks. We all do that.”

GEEK WIRE: June 9, 2015 — Intel Capital launches $125M Diversity Fund, targeting women and minority entrepreneurs
“’With this new fund, Intel Capital is committed to investing in the best talent from a myriad of backgrounds to cultivate innovations that serve the needs of a diverse public,’ [Lisa Lambert] said.”

NBC: June 9, 2015 — Intel CEO: Products better with diverse outlook [VIDEO]
Interview with Lisa Lambert, UPWARD Founder/CEO and Vice President at Intel Capital and Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO.

FORTUNE: June 9, 2015 — Intel’s $125 million plan to shake up white, male Silicon Valley
“‘We want to prove by these investments that, when you have diversity in your employee base, you will get better business results,’ says Lambert.”

USA TODAY: June 9, 2015 — Intel forms venture fund to invest in diversity
“Venture capital ‘is as homogeneous an industry as an industry can be in the 21st century,’ said Lambert, one of the few African American female investors in Silicon Valley. ‘Venture capitalists recruit partners out of their network and source deals out of their network. If you don’t have diversity in the venture capital firms, you are very unlikely to get diversity in portfolio companies.'”

VENTURE BEAT: June 9, 2015 — Intel Capital will invest $125M in startups run by women and minorities
“‘The big issue we have seen, because venture capitalists are on the leading edge, is that we need to engage here,’ Lambert said. ‘We see a lack of engagement and involvement across the industry as a whole. We want to be a catalyst. We believe it’s good business. Half the population is women. Women are leading in every other industry. And there is a tremendous demographics shift.’”

FAST COMPANY: June 9, 2015 — Intel Launches Investment Fund for Startups Led by Women and Minorities
“The VC firms that are doing investments today come from a demographic group [in which] their networks look like them, and reflect their values,” Lambert says. “That model works for them, so they keep repeating it. The problem is that the model doesn’t incorporate the broader society.”

CNBC: June 9, 2015 — Intel pledges $125 mln for start-ups that back women, minorities
“The fund, spearheaded by Lisa Lambert, an African-American and a managing director at Intel Capital, is leading by example. She and her team have already spent $16.7 million on an initial four investments, including one company led by a woman.”

FORTUNE: May 15, 2015 — Why your great ideas at work are getting rejected
“The point is: don’t take adversity head on. Find power in a community of people who are on the same page. You may have to go and build that community–but the reward will be well worth the extra effort.”

FORTUNE: March 19, 2015 — How working moms can rise to the c-suite
“My advice to working moms is to ignore the 24/7 executive lifestyle myth. Figure out how to change the way you work and then go for the c-suite. Corporate executives actually have more control over their time and more support both on the job and at home. Isn’t that the kind of “more” that working moms need?”

FRANCHISE UPDATE: March 2015UPWARD! Building and Leveraging Your Network to Advance Your Career
“If there is a glass ceiling and you can’t advance further than middle management, then you’re really stuck if you haven’t built a professional network. That was the problem I sought to overcome with UPWARD: creating a global community of professional women where we’re 1) learning from each other; 2) educating ourselves; and 3) proactively helping one another advance,” says Lambert. “If you’re stuck, there’s no reason to stay stuck. There’s a way you can overcome that, and that is in relationship with other senior professionals who have your interests in mind.”

REUTERS: January 28, 2015Creating an old-girls network in Silicon Valley
“What I like about Lisa’s group is the variety she has there, all kinds of people from every walk of technology,” said entrepreneur Deborah Dennis, who added she has attended every Upward event since its launch. Daniels typically exchanges at least a dozen business cards, and relishes the convivial environment.”

FORTUNE November 12, 2014Why women should do less and network more
“But leadership today is increasingly defined not just by how many hours you spend at your computer, but your ability to connect to others, how you incorporate outside perspectives, and how you navigate groups. Networking takes time, but it matters.”


If you are a senior-level professional woman, please consider joining UPWARD. It’s free to join and provides resources that will prove invaluable as you move UP in your career.