The UPWARD Network

Having access to informal networks has proven to be one of the key advantages that men have in business. McKinsey research shows that the structural reasons women don’t advance include:

  • Exclusion from informal networks
  • Lack of role models to help them develop
  • Lack of sponsors in upper management to create opportunities

These are the problems that UPWARD was created to solve. UPWARD creates an atmosphere for meaningful connections with others that will propel your career UP to the height of your imagination—and as a nice bonus, create new, lifelong friendships in the process.

Connecting Across the Globe

Because UPWARD is dedicated to creating a global collaborative forum for executive women around the world, we offer a private, online network called WhoKnows. Once you become an UPWARD member, you’ll receive an invitation to join this exclusive network of international executive women. The UPWARD WhoKnows Network virtually connects members by connecting the dots between “who knows who” and “who knows what” in order to facilitate meaningful relationships.

Programs and the UPWARD network are for members only, be sure to join UPWARD today!