UPWARD’s Member Standards

The mission of UPWARD—Uniting Professional Women Accelerating Relationships and Development—is to accelerate career advancement for executive women by cultivating educational opportunities powered by a vibrant community of senior-level women who educate and mentor each other, receive advice, and obtain the support and relationship-building necessary to attain and succeed in the highest ranks of their professional fields. UPWARD provides numerous resources in furtherance of this mission, setting a high performance standard for itself and for its members.

We provide:

  • The branding of a respected, rapidly growing nonprofit led by the UPWARD executive team, including its founder, who are leaders across a diverse array of industries, and a board of directors consisting of experts in their fields helping to expand the global reach of the organization.
  • Unique market positioning in a crowded space, as UPWARD remains accessible through free membership but requires significant work experience and a certain seniority level from all prospective members.
  • A full calendar of educational events, which balances targeted, small-group discussions with events aimed at the entire membership.

We guarantee, as a member you will:

  • Network with women who understand your unique niche and identify with the challenges you face
  • Receive career catapulting empowerment and inspiration
  • Have access to top industry mover and shakers, benefiting from their experience

We’d like your help:

“UPWARD works hard to bring you the very best but we need your help too. We need to grow our membership and most of our growth comes from referrals. This means that rather than paying for advertising to get new clients, we can pass on the cost savings directly to you by means of FREE membership. We typically get 3 referrals from each member per year. Please be a catalyst and help other women Meet UP, Build UP and Move UP!

In furtherance of the UPWARD mission, we are committed to the highest ethical standards. We expect all members to adhere to the following standards to maintain the high quality of the UPWARD brand:

1. General Conduct

The continued success of UPWARD hinges on its respected reputation. UPWARD’s members are expected to act with honesty, openness, integrity, and respect, observing the highest standards of business conduct in their relationships within the organization and with the public at large.

2. Mission

UPWARD’s mission of professional development targets the continued advancement of women who have amassed significant work experience and obtained senior managerial roles in their workplaces. All actions taken based on a member’s involvement with UPWARD will reflect an understanding of the unique UPWARD mission and will advance the mission in a mutually beneficial manner.

3. Honesty

UPWARD members have a duty to act in in a truthful manner in their communications and their conduct. Members make their commitments and promises in good faith. Members are committed to maintaining an environment in which others feel that it is safe to tell the truth.

4. Openness

UPWARD strives to create a welcome environment in which each person is treated with equal respect, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, educational background, or title. UPWARD will not tolerate racism, prejudice, or bullying. Members respect and embrace the differences within our membership and appreciate others’ ideas, problems, and solutions without judgment. UPWARD members agree to be active, supportive, and engaged.

5. Integrity

UPWARD members act with integrity. They respect, acknowledge, and protect each other’s ideas, contributions, and confidential information. Members are committed to encouraging a culture of collaboration and agree to celebrate and recognize each other’s accomplishments and help others succeed.

6. Respect

UPWARD members respect all staff, volunteers, group leaders, and other members. With that in mind, members must refrain from offensive or inappropriate behavior or comments.

7. Commitment

UPWARD members are committed to helping each other achieve success regardless of the challenges that they themselves have experienced in the past. This commitment and modeling by example is important to the advancement of all women, regardless of current position or title.

8. Confidentiality

As our goal is to enable our members to build strong networks and lasting relationships and foster an environment for sharing challenges and solutions, it is vital that we facilitate the flow of information that permits our members to support the success of one another. All members should have a reasonable expectation that confidentiality is protected when it is requested and that information shared is only used constructively.

9. Non-solicitation

Neither UPWARD events nor the UPWARD WhoKnows online network may be used for solicitation purposes. Members are not permitted to use their presence at meetings or events for the direct and immediate purpose of promoting their products and/or services. Members are further prohibited from using membership contact information to undertake mailing or email campaigns for the purpose of selling products/and or services.

10. Termination of Membership

Violation of these Member Standards may lead to termination of membership and inability to participate in future UPWARD events. Any membership fee paid (if applicable) is non-refundable. Any fees paid for UPWARD events are similarly non-refundable unless the event is canceled by UPWARD.

11. Questions and Concerns

No code or policy can anticipate every situation or provide definitive answers to all questions that may arise. Accordingly, the UPWARD Member Standards are intended to focus each individual member on areas of ethical risk, provide guidance in recognizing and dealing with ethical issues, and establish mechanisms to report unethical conduct. Members are responsible for adhering to the UPWARD Member Standards, for asking questions if they are in doubt about the best course of action, and for reporting possible misconduct promptly after it comes to their attention.

You should contact UPWARD at the email address or address listed below if you have questions about the UPWARD Member Standards, or you wish to report concerns or possible misconduct. Concerns and reports of possible misconduct will be kept confidential to the extent practical, except where disclosure is required to investigate the report or by applicable law or legal process:

18500 Aquino Way
Saratoga, California 95070

It is important that UPWARD be made aware of circumstances that may indicate possible violations of law or these Standards. Applicable law and this policy prohibit any form of retaliation for raising concerns or reporting possible misconduct in good faith, or for assisting in the investigation of possible misconduct.

PDF Version of UPWARD Member Standards