Be the FIRST to refer 5 new executive women to join UPWARD! Receive 5 FREE VIP Access tickets to the 2018 UPWARD Annual Dinner (that’s 1/2 a table!) Each of your referrals must sign up no later than May 15th, 2017. Make sure your referral fills in the “Name of Person who referred you to UPWARD” section in the membership registration form…Ready. Set. Go UPWARD!

UPWARD membership is specifically for executive women who are navigating moving UP in their careers. UPWARD sets a high-performance standard for itself and for its members. Please be sure to read UPWARD’s Member Standards prior to joining.

Criteria for membership: Members must be a director, vice president, founder, or C-level executive in business, government, and academia or an executive in a professional field such as a lawyer, doctor, financier, investment partner, professor, etc.

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