UPWARD membership is specifically for senior-level professional women who are navigating moving UP in their careers. UPWARD sets a high performance standard for itself and for its members. Please be sure to read UPWARD’s Member Standards prior to joining.


Criteria for membership: Members must be a director, vice president, founder, or C-level executive in business, government, and academia or an executive in a professional field such as a lawyer, doctor, financier, investment partner, professor, etc.


Please NOTE: Our membership is a double-opt in process. After filling in the below form and clicking on subscribe, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your membership.  Please also note that completion of this form adds you to our email list. Your confirmation email, as well as future emails, will be sent via MailChimp.  If you do not receive the confirmation email, or any future emails, please check your junk email folder and/or confirm that your company or other email servers are not filtering out the emails.  If you have any questions or issues with receiving emails, please contact us at info@upwardwomen.org.

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