Why We Want to Help You Move UP

UPWARD founder/CEO and chairman, Lisa Lambert— Managing Partner at The Westly Group and former vice president at Intel Capital—has steadfastly climbed to the top. During her journey she discovered that climbing the corporate ladder wasn’t as easy as simply doing her job. Lisa found that in order to advance into the senior ranks, women need a lot of support. It’s almost impossible to move UP without the sponsors, mentors, and colleagues who are willing to help women gain exposure, access the right opportunities, and avoid the common mistakes that are made along the way.

In an effort to help other women advance with less friction, Lisa welcomed 90 executive women to her home to talk about it. The atmosphere was vibrant! There’s something captivating about the warmth of a woman inviting you to her home to create community—and it made a lasting impression.

Creating an “Old Girls” Network

Word about UPWARD has spread and thousands of women worldwide have joined as evidence that women are hungry for a group that can help them grow and advance professionally.

UPWARD—Uniting Professional Women Accelerating Relationships & Development—is a global network for executive women who come together to discuss the challenges women face and to identify creative solutions to overcome them. It’s a supportive place to build trusted relationships, share ideas, learn new skills, and grow in your career in order to navigate today’s challenging business world.

There Are Still Challenges to Overcome

It’s an understatement to say that today’s professional landscape is challenging, if not daunting, for women. There are workplace environments where women are too often underrepresented in the senior ranks of leadership. Moving UP in this sort of environment requires diligence and a philosophy of constant self-improvement.

In order to win in business, women must have help from talented, motivated, and dedicated individuals. There are comparatively few women in the senior ranks, so women need to gather to help one another advance. These vital connections remind us that we’re not in this alone, and that we can win and make connections with new colleagues. By helping each other, we can overcome unconscious bias and move UPWARD in our careers.

If you are an executive woman, please consider joining UPWARD. It’s free to join and provides resources that will prove invaluable as you move UP in your career.